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A-State Handymen is a home remodeling handyman service in Arkansas. Contact us for your remodeling and storm damage repair needs.
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A Dependable Handyman Service

A-State Handymen is family owned and we are trusted indoor construction specialists. The work is always performed by professionals.
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Quality Craftsmanship

A-State Handymen builds lifelong friendships through high quality workmanship and a commitment to our customers.
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Outstanding Reputation

A-State Handymen is well-regarded by old and new clients alike. We strive to meet expectations and perform the highest quality work in our industry. Please feel free to ask for references.
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Welcome to A-State Handymen

We are a home remodeling and construction company that would be honored to work on your home’s next renovation project. While we do all sorts of construction projects, the lynchpin of our organization is interior and exterior repairs. A-State Handymen utilizes the 80 years of combined experience of our expert contractors to help you realize your goals on an upcoming home remodeling project. Whether you’re seeking bathroom renovation contractors or home storm damage repair, we do everything in our power to give our clients a product they want to show off to their friends and family. Our handyman service is all encompassing. While we have a number of listed services on this website, they are by no means a definitive list. We are more than happy to hear out any requests you might have. To give you a good starting point, below are some of the more popular home remodeling tasks that we perform for our customers.

Outdoor Construction – Any jobs that require most of the work to be done outside falls under outdoor construction. The capable contractors of A-State Handymen are experts at deck building, fence installation, trim installation and painting, building home additions, and home storm damage repair.

Indoor Construction – A handyman service that revolves around indoor remodeling or construction. These could be bathroom or kitchen renovations, drywall installation for an addition, choosing and installing cabinetry etc.

Repairs – Repair work is where we thrive as an organization.

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I love that we always have the same people doing the work. It always makes me fee; safe and confident in the level of quality I will receive! Mrs. Tierney

A-State Handymen, Inc has the nicest, most polite crew I have ever been around. The job site was always clean and organized. Came in under budget and ahead of schedule! Mrs. Fisk

A-State is a very special thing that you don’t see very often anymore. A great group of people that actually take pride in their daily work no matter what that work is. Thanks A-State for taking such good care of me over the years!

Mrs. Lancaster

A-State is always mannerly, hard working, high quality, ahead of schedule, under budget!

Mrs. Johnson

Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority

When we come to visit your home for a consultation, we can give you a detailed proposal of how we plan to tackle whatever projects you might request of us. If you’re satisfied with our proposed plan, we can then start to move forward by sending out the appropriate team to your home. We do everything we can to make sure you’re being taken care of. At the end of the day, A-State Handymen strives to build lifelong friendships with quality workmanship!